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In Search Of Lively Farmers!

Could you be one?!


Part time (16-24 hours/week)


Full Time (30-40 hours/week)

Farmers will work with Jane (farm manager) to get all the stuff done! We aren't hiring for a specific position, rather need help with all aspects. If you have specific skill or interest we are happy to highlight that in your work, but with a small crew we will all get a taste of it all! 

In general the tasks include:


–greenhouse work (set-up, filling trays, seeding, cleaning trays, arranging, inventory, watering, etc) 

–field prep work (understanding the system for irrigation set up, composting, broadforking, raking, mulching, mowing, etc)

–transplanting (including application of row cover, sand bag moving, but more importantly proper depth, spacing, snugness, and handling of plants)

–general garden maintenance (weeding, mowing, trellising, hoeing, bug picking, thinning, intercropping, direct seeding, etc.)

–farm maintenance (mowing, organizing, irrigation, fencing, cover cropping, animal care, tree planting, etc.)

–harvesting (following direction of the farm manager for proper harvesting, recording weights, storing, packaging, etc.)

–csa share, wholesale, and market packaging/distribution/organization (packaging for csa, wholesale, or market needs. Farm manager will oversee this unless otherwise specified!)

–working the farmer’s market (if desired/needed)


Much of the work may be done together. Depending on crew size and crew knowledge tasks may be assigned based on interest or ability. Opportunities to “manage” areas of the farm are available with further discussion! 


Housing is available!

Small, one bedroom space with communal kitchen space (available to all farm employees). Access to indoor shower (you could also help us put together an outdoor shower!). 

Additional Notes:

-Bikes available (lunch break rides down to the lake for swimming are fun)

-Living area is peaceful / plenty of vegetables to go home with you

-Two dogs live on the property 

-We have chickens! (are you interested in raising animals?)

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