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We are now hiring for the 2023 Season


Part-time (15-20 hours per week)

Full Time (30-40 hours per week)


Farmers will have daily check-ins with the farm manager and necessary farm staff. 

Tasks include! 


 greenhouse work (set-up, filling trays, seeding, cleaning trays, arranging, inventory, watering, etc) 

– field prep work (understanding the system for irrigation setup, composting, broad forking, raking, mulching, mowing, etc)

– transplanting (including application of row cover, sandbag moving, but more importantly proper depth, spacing, snugness, and handling of plants)

– general garden maintenance (weeding, mowing, trellising, hoeing, bug picking, thinning, intercropping, direct seeding, etc.)

– farm maintenance (mowing, organizing, irrigation, fencing, cover cropping, animal care, tree planting, etc.)

– harvesting (following the direction of the farm manager for proper harvesting, recording weights, storing, packaging, etc.)

– CSA share, wholesale, and market packaging/distribution/organization (packaging for CSA, wholesale, or market needs. Farm manager will oversee this unless otherwise specified!)

– working the farmer’s market (if desired/needed)


We offer housing (if needed), communal kitchen space for all farm employees, bikes for a quick lunch break ride down to the lake for swimming, a peaceful setting, options for working together or solo (with adequate training), and lots of delicious fresh vegetables and beautiful flowers!

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