We are a Community Supported farm and in turn support the community.

There are various ways to be involved in the farm and we appreciate however you may want to be. 

Farm Membership

Our goal as a small farm is to remain relevant in the community as a source of food but also inspiration, information, and gathering space. Membership shows us that you're with us. You share an annual $30 and show you're interested in joining us for farm events, shopping with us at markets (members save 10% each time they shop), and want to promote us with a Lively Farm tote bag. 

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and Lively Farm Shopping Cards

Community interest and need are what makes a farm like ours work. CSA Shares are an exchange or agreement between farmer and farm customer to provide and be provided with fresh produce during the duration of the growing season. For an investment in the season, customers are privy to the bounty of the season -- weekly boxes or credit at farmers markets. Shop for "Peak Season Shares" or for Lively Farm Shopping Cards

Community Supported Shares (CSS) and Food Assistance

Supporting community members facing food insecurity is a big goal of our farming endeavor. We believe in feeding people and adding opportunities for wellbeing through access to good food. CSS Shares are an opportunity for folks with means to contribute our effort to make food from our farm available to community members with less or no access. 

**If you have need and are interested in produce from our farm do not hesitate to reach out. We also accept food assistance program vouchers at our market sites.