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Who are we?

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Jane Rose Lively

Jane Lively (she/they) is a 27-year-old second-generation farmer who is lucky to be working the land she grew up on as well as a new parcel at a multi-enterprise property managed by her family! The farm would not be what it is today without Jane's passion for growing food and engaging in the community. 


Jane was first inspired to farm by watching and working with their mother, Kelly, who grew an intensive flower garden and business (Leelanau Flowers) when they were growing up. In high school, Jane spent two seasons at Sweeter Song Farm (Cedar, MI), 1.5 years at Green Mountain College in Vermont, and two seasons at Meadowlark Farm (Lake Leelanau, MI). All of these experiences inspired Jane to dig in here, on the grounds that they tramped as a kid. This will be Jane's seventh season managing and creating what is now known as The Lively Farm!


Through farming Jane strives to address issues of food access, create safe space for queer/BIPOC/undocumented members of the community, address white supremacy, and the ever present reality of the climate crisis. 

Kelly hurlin lively

As the sun rises in the summer Kelly (she/her) begins her day out in the flower field, her happy place, and most days if you wish, you can join her for sunset out there cutting flowers! As well as growing, harvesting, and designing flowers, Kelly also runs the food buying club and food safety programs for the farm. Kelly is responsible for the very beginning of the Lively Gardens and Leelanau Flowers back when the kids were little when she tilled up the original flower field. After working in the flower field and design business for a decade she left for an off-farm job to help build programs for regional food systems and farm-to-school. 

Kelly still works a full-time off-farm job in public service but is also partnering with Jane and Jim to build a micro food and flower hub to serve our local community.

Jim arthur lively

Most days you will find Jim (he/him) on the handles of the wheelbarrow, moving earth, building rock walls, or delivering compost to the garden beds. Jim is in charge of the infrastructure on the farm, as well as the chickens, pigs, and Christmas trees. Jim has been raising our family’s Christmas trees for years, he has been gradually expanding the numbers that go in the ground. Over the 25 years, we have been on the farm he has planted and replanted hundreds of trees, from seedlings to some in which his eyes were bigger than his shovel! As anyone who knows him would say, Jim is the kindest of hearts. 

Jim also spends the majority of his time on an off-farm job with a local nonprofit, doing a lot of good work that benefits our human community.

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