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Splendid Summer Share 2024

Splendid Summer Share 2024


Support our farm now by investing in our 2024 season of vegetables, fruits, and flowers! We have to start thinking and planning now so that we can be successful in supplying our community with nutrient dense, ethically grown food. 


This summer share will run for 14 weeks -- beginning the week of the summer solstice and ending the week of the fall equinox. During those weeks we'll bask in the glory of a nonstop supply of vegetables and fruits from our gardens... Starting with sensational greens and roots and ending with the oozing juices of tomatoes and creamy potatoes. 


We expect this share to feed a family of two for one week (unless you eat veggies every day -- you might need more!). If you want extra you can order two shares and add notes about favorite vegetables! 


Each week you will recieve a bag full of a wide array of vegetables. This bag will be complimented with notes from the garden including our thoughts from your farmers, recipe ideas, and general love and encrouagement for another week mid-summer in Michigan!


Share pick up days are not decided yet.  Arrangements can always be made for a late pick up, retrieval at a farmers market, or delivery (for a fee)! 

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